Why Invest With Minerva Fund Managers?

There are over 2140 unit trusts managed by 110 investment fund managers. It is not surprising that many investors are overwhelmed by such a choice. The growth in the demand for unit trusts continues. As the population ages, there is increasing concern that the government will not be able to raise sufficient taxes from those in work to finance those that have retired. So more and more people are investing their own monies with the view to building up a nest egg to use when they retire. In America, where these changes are well advanced, investment in mutual funds (their unit trusts) is now believed to be greater than monies on deposit in banks.

Successful investment requires time and effort. Many investors simply do not wish to monitor all the different unit trusts. They do not want to wade through the performance tables, and find out whether the fund manager who produced that performance is still running the fund. They do not want to worry about the likely course of interest rates, inflation rates, economic growth, or the current sentiment in each of the world's markets.

History has shown that it is often the smaller investor who becomes swept along with the positive sentiment in markets, and invests just when they should be selling. Likewise, when the market sentiment is rock bottom, it is often the private investor that sells just when he should be buying. Minerva offers a range of portfolios to lift the burden of all these decisions from your shoulders. We manage portfolios on a discretionary basis. That is we make the investment decisions for you.

Investing with us greatly simplifies an investor's administration. Rather than receiving tax vouchers and correspondence from every investment, a Minerva investor will receive one consolidated tax voucher showing all the income received by the portfolio. All correspondence from the funds in which the portfolio invest will be sent to us, and we will deal with it on the investor's behalf.