SRI Portfolios

Minerva have been running Green/Ethical portfolio since 1994. We were asked to set up and manage a portfolio for one of the (then) leading ‘Green’ financial advisers in the UK. In the ‘noughties’ we were asked by a Financial Adviser specialising in SRI investment to set up a series of SRI portfolios. SRI portfolios now make up a dominant part of Minerva’s funds under management. The SRI FAB has an input into all the SRI and Ethical portfolios managed by Minerva. We use the FE Analytics to identify our universe. The SR portfolios consist of funds (OIECs, Unit Trusts, and Investment Trusts) with committed managers following ethical and environmental criteria with an emphasis on positive criteria. We can also use ETFs, investing in suitable indices, when appropriate.

The following SRI portfolios are available:

  • SR Conservative This portfolio has a maximum equity exposure of 20% of the portfolio. Investments can include gilt and gilt index-linked funds, property funds and corporate bonds funds.
  • SR Balanced Income The portfolio aims to achieve long term capital growth and income. There is a maximum equity exposure of 60% of the portfolio.
  • SR Balanced Growth The aim is long term capital growth. There is a maximum equity exposure restricted to 85% of the portfolio.
  • SR Adventurous There is a maximum equity exposure of 100% of the portfolio and could include higher risk unit trusts and investment trusts.

Sanlam Portfolios

Minerva have been appointed by Sanlam to manage three SR portfolios accessible via their Accel Risk Profiling system. The three risk profiles Minerva are managing are Yellow, Green and Blue. We construct portfolios to meet these risk profiles. As the portfolios are constructed to have similar risk profiles to non-SRI portfolios, we believe that these SRI portfolios can be considered by all investors.