Discretionary Fund Management


If you are a private investor interested in investing in one of our portfolios you need to contact your financial adviser. Minerva do not offer individual financial advice or advise on the suitability of our portfolios for you.

Discretionary Fund Management

We offer a number of portfolios for Financial Advisers to use. They have all been set up to meet specific objectives of the clients of an introducing Financial Adviser. For Financial Advisers who want to be involved in the fund selection and investment process there are our two Financial Adviser Boards - The SRI Portfolio Board and the Conventional Portfolio Board. For Financial Advisers that want their clients’ investments to be managed by us on a discretionary basis you have three options:

  1. You can use the portfolios we manage in conjunction with the two Financial Adviser boards.
  2. There are the portfolios managed by Minerva, which have been created at the request of introducing Financial Advisers.
  3. If none of our existing portfolios meet the needs of you clients we will consider creating new ones for you.

If you want to know more about our portfolios, please contact us

Financial Adviser Boards (FABs)

There are two FABs, the SRI Portfolio Board and the Conventional Portfolio Board. These boards meet quarterly to discuss portfolio performance, fund selection and investment views for the coming quarter. These Boards are limited in the number of advisers on them. The Conventional Portfolio Board is the newer of the Boards, set up after the success of the SRI Portfolio Board. If you want to know about the Boards, please contact us